Cookie Erosion Science Experiment

This week, in science, we will be demonstrating how erosion works using Chips Ahoy Cookies. If you child has an allergy to these ingredients, please let your teacher know right away. You are free to provide an allergen friendly cookie as an alternative if you would like, so your child can just observe the demonstration and not touch the cookies themselves. 


Service Projects 

Don't forget - service projects are required this year! All 2nd graders need to complete 8 hours of community service (chores or services that are paid for do not count). These hours are due in the Spring and each student will do a presentation on the service they completed. The holiday season is a great time to rack up some hours with all of the different opportunities available! 

Please make sure your student is in PE appropriate shoes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Out Sick 
If your student is out sick, please let your teacher know about how many days you expect them to be out (after communicating with the nurse), so that we can prepare independent study work as needed.

Just a reminder, homework is required each night. Homework expectations are as follows:

  1. Read 20 minutes and fill out the Reading Log in the blue homework folder.  (Don't forget AR goals are due in 3 weeks!) 

  2. Initial Behavior Chart

  3. Complete both sides of the  daily math homework worksheet 

  4. Practice poem (will present week of Oct. 25) 


***Please note, if math homework is taking longer than 20-25 minutes, please put a note on the paper and stop there. This should be an extra chance to practice, and not something that takes up the whole night!