Habitat Project & Museum 
Habitat Project Dioramas are due this coming Monday! Also, on Friday, May 27, at 1:00 pm, parents will be invited to come and see our Habitat Museum and hear from our animal experts! (Proof of vaccination or a recent negative test will be required). 


AR Quizzes 

This upcoming Friday, May 27 is the last day to take an AR quiz for the year! 

End of Year Assessments 

We will be working on end of the year assessments over the next few weeks in class. Please be sure that your child gets a good night's sleep and has breakfast in the morning to help them do their best.

Dates to Remember 
With the end of the year quickly approaching, here are some important dates to keep in mind.

Friday, May 27 - Habitat Museum (parents will be invited to attend with proof of vaccination or recent negative Covid test)

Friday, June 3 - Field Trip to CSC 
Tuesday, June 7 - BSC Field Day
Wednesday, June 8 - In class Candy Awards Ceremony

Please make sure your student is in PE appropriate shoes on Tuesday and Thursday.

Out Sick 
If your student is out sick, please let me know about how many days you expect them to be out (after communicating with the nurse), so that I can prepare independent study work as needed.

Just a reminder, homework is required each night. Homework expectations are as follows:

  1. Read 20 minutes and fill out the Reading Log in the blue homework folder. 

  2. Initial Behavior Chart

  3. Front & back of math homework sheet (Mon, Tues, & Wed) 

  4. Habitat Diorama - Due Monday!