Language Arts

READING: Who's That Knocking on Christmas Eve

                  Text Evidence


GRAMMAR: Verb Tenses

SPELLING: Contractions

                   aren't, can't, couldn't, doesn't, haven't, I'll, they're, we'll who's, wasn't


      morsel: slice or crumb

      cackled: loud chatter

      munched: chew loudly

      thunderous: very loud like thunder

      adventure: an exciting experience

      crisp: firm & dry




Opinion~ In your opinion, what is the best pet.

Monday: Circle map, flow map & transition words

Tuesday: Opening & closing sentences

Wednesday: Draft

Thursday: Draft and edit

Friday: Free Write


* Topic 1-4 Assessment

* Lesson 5.1: Subtract 5s & 1s on a Hundreds Chart

* Lesson 5.2: Count Back on an Open Number Line

* Lesson 5.3: Continue to Count Back on an Open Number Line

* Fun Friday Math (Prodigy or Freckle)

Social Studies/ Leadership

Leadership: Kindness - Sprinkle of Kindness

Click on the link below for the November Gratitude Calendar

November Gratitude Calendar

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