Language Arts

READING: Making Inferences & Drawing Conclusions - "Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge"

GRAMMAR: Adverbs

SPELLING: (long vowel) ate, bite, game, huge, mine, rode, rude, tube, vote, wide


      errands - a short journey that you take or do to get something

      admire - to respect someone

      precious - rare and worth a lot of money

      speckled - covered with many small marks

      gently - not hard or forceful

      memory - something that you keep in your mind


Mini Lessons

Monday: Mini Lesson

Tuesday: Mini Lesson

Wednesday: Mini Lesson

Thursday: Mini Lesson

Friday: Free Write


* Lesson 9-1 Understand Hundreds

* Lesson 9-2 Models and 3 Digit Numbers

* Lesson 9-3 Name Place Values

* Lesson 9-4 Read and Write 3 Digit Numbers

* Fun Friday Math (Prodigy or Freckle)


Exploring Earth's Water

Social Studies/ Leadership

Leadership: Self Control - "Clark the Shark"

September Class Goal: Self Control 


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September Kindness Calendar

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