Language Arts

READING:  The Three Little Javelinas

                    *Comparing Folktales


GRAMMAR: Adjectives (Review)


                  steep: rising or falling sharply

                  raggedy: scruffy or shabby

                  cackle: loud sudden laugh

                  suspicious: showing distrust in someone

                  tender: having a soft texture; easy to chew

                  panting: breathing with short quick breaths

SPELLING: Consonant Blends: -kn, -gn, -wr, -mb

                     write, design, knee, gnaw, knock, comb, plumber, wrist, wreath, numb



Informative Writing ~ Habitat Writing


Monday: Revise/Edit

Tuesday: Publish/type

Wednesday: Publish/type

Thursday: Publish/type

Friday: Free Write


Topic 14: Graphs & Data

* Topic 1-12 Benchmark test

* Topic 14.1 Line plots

* Topic 14.2 Line Plots

* Topic 14.3 Bar Graphs

* Topic 14.4 Picture graphs

 *Class Habitat
Social Studies/ Leadership

Social Studies:  

Leadership: Perseverance

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